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What is NEV?

Put simply, NEV stands for New Energy Vehicles and is categorised as any electrified vehicle, meaning conventional plugless hybrids (HEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), battery-electric vehicles (EVs), and our hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) which have already been launched to huge success overseas.

GWM is striving to build a more sustainable world. That’s why we insist on investing in electric vehicle technology to provide greener, smarter, safer travel for all and a brighter future for the planet

GWM Dedicated Hybrid Technology

Independently Designed and Developed


GWM's Dedicated Hybrid Technology (DHT) combines a petrol engine, an electric motor, and an electronically controlled transmission providing both high-efficiency and high-performance at the same time.

World Class Innovation

Your New Future Awaits



  • HEV
    Self Charging Hybrid EV


    Self-charging hybrid electric vehicles, or HEVs for short, use a combination of a hybrid battery and a conventional combustion engine to enhance power and increase efficiency. Self charging cars free up the need for a charging station.

  • 100% Electric
    Battery EV


    Battery Electric vehicles rely solely on rechargeable battery packs as their primary source of power. To recharge, these cars need to be plugged into an electricity source, such as a charging station or an outlet. Ideal for city dwellers and people who can access charging stations.


  • Off-road HEV
    4×4 Off-road Hybrid Electric Vehicle


    A conventional combustion engine mated to a hybrid battery provides the extra power and torque when it is needed. Get the off-road performance when you need it.


GWM Global Collaborations

Partnering with the World


  • Global Collaborations

    SVOLT is a high-tech sister company of GWM that develops and produces high-quality lithium-ion batteries and battery systems for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Combining extensive investment together with systemic knowledge and expertise in the field of vehicle integration, SVOLT will soon be unveiling longer-range battery options across GWM’s electric vehicles that are capable of covering up to 1,000km on a single charge.

  • Global Collaborations


    GWM is working together with world-leading battery R&D and manufacturing company, CATL, to further increase capabilities in cars powered by renewable energy. Signing a 10-year agreement, GWM and CATL aim to take advantage of our strengths by improving the scientific and technological progress of new energy vehicles, while achieving goals of lower carbon dioxide emissions and becoming carbon neutral.

  • Global Collaborations


    The joint venture Spotlight Automotive Project between GWM and global partners has been established with the purpose of collaborating and sharing technologies, resources and advanced manufacturing philosophies to become a benchmark factory for New Energy Vehicle production that truly meets global regulation and market requirements.

The GWM NEV Offering

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